Why you should use Google expanded text ads now to gain competitive advantage.

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In this article I’ll explain what the new advert format from Google is. Why you should start using it to give your marketing a boost over your competitors. The kind of results you can expect from implementing it now and a method for setting it up to get the best out of it.

Search advertising, in this case Google AdWords can yield powerful results for businesses and organisations. It works by placing relevant adverts about your services right in front of the millions of people using Google search every second.
(2.3 million searches a second on Google in 2016 according to business insider)

But because it can be such a great way to drive targeted visitors to interact with you and your website, it’s competitive. Think for a second about how many businesses you know who would like to show their adverts to the same searchers as you, probably quite a lot that you can name and lots and lots more you’ve never heard of.

Also with Google text ads you don’t have much ‘real estate’ to play with, so it can be tricky to differentiate your ads from your competitors. Except, now you can have a bit more thanks to Google’s new expanded text ads. What is even better is most advertisers haven’t made the effort to transition to these new bigger better ads.

99% of the expanded ads we’ve run have out performed the comparative standard ads.

Creating and testing expanded ads now represents a great opportunity to gain an advantage over other advertisers in your niche. But it’s a good idea to get on with it, by the end of January 2017 Google will no longer allow standard ads to be created or edited. So it quite literally pays to act now.

What are these Expanded Text Ads like then.

Here’s an example of the older text ad along with an example of a new expanded text ad.

Standard text ad:
1 headline no more than 25 characters
2 35 character description lines
A standard display url

Expanded text ad:
2 headlines up to 30 characters each
1 80 character description paragraph
2 Customisable url path fields

Ok so you get, more space to communicate with your audience. Which means more chance to show them you are offering something relevant enough that they should click on it and take action. So, more effective adverts.

Looking just at the numbers, we have 140% more headline space (the most important part of your ad.) 14% more space to communicate the message, but in a much more flexible natural way now it’s not split over 2 lines.

Then of course, the url paths, which don’t need to match exactly the structure of your website, but are great for providing users with more of an idea of what they will see when they click your ad. Again increasing the effectiveness of the adverts.

The best way to move to the new expanded text ads.

Transitioning to expanded text ads is a great idea if you want to get better value from your existing Google AdWords advertising campaigns. We’ve seen some great results already with our AdWords clients.
But even if your not using Google ads already, now is a great time to leapfrog more established advertisers on Google who have not moved to the new ad format and have allowed their ads to go stale.

We’ve seen click through rates on expanded text ads increase by up to 92%

All these numbers might have you reaching for your Google AdWords log in, but before you get stuck in here is a best practice method to get the most benefit from the new ad format.

Don’t just swap all your standard ads.
If you are already running Google ads it can be tempting to edit your old ads to turn them into expanded text ads. But you run the risk of losing performance stats and while the new expanded ads almost always outperform the old standard ones it always pays to test in AdWords.

Instead for each advert you are running create a new expanded text ad to run along side it, that way you can A/B test the ads and see just how much better your new ads are performing.

Also rethink how you are able to write your ad. Simply adding a bit extra to your old ads might help, but the format of the standard ads meant there were constraints on how you created the copy. With the expanded ads you have more flexibility to provide a clearer message to the people who see them.

So I’ve given you an overview here so you know what expanded ads are, why you should be looking to implement them for your organisation quickly and a good way to get started.

Would like us to help you? Either make the transition to expanded text ads, or get you started with Google advertising campaigns. We take on a limited number of new clients each month, send us a few details here and lets see if we’re a good match.

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