Increase Your Website Traffic With Digital Marketing

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Generating interest in services and products is one of the main reasons organisations have websites.  If your looking to reach out to more customers and ultimately develop more business and more revenue then it’s important to get plenty of traffic to your website.  There are a vast number of options for marketing your business online so here 3 techniques you can implement to improve your sites traffic.
Improve your Search Engine Visibility.
This can become quite a large topic.  So here are 3 actionable tips you can implement very very quickly to give your search engine visibility a boost.
  1. Ensure all your sites pages have great titles and meta descriptions.  That will help Google understand what’s on each page and display more useful summaries to people who are searching.
  2. Review your content.  Don’t just read it, but check how many words you’ve used.  Are you explaining your business or services in enough detail?  If you have pages that describe something you do look to add some more useful information (text and images) for visitors to those pages.
  3. Get in Google’s good books.  Google needs the information about our businesses to provide a good service to the people who use it to search.  Without that, Google doesn’t have such a good product.  So, add your business and website details to Google Plus and if appropriate list your business address and location so it is visible in Google local and map searches.
Create useful content.
Use your website to provide content that is useful to your potential customers.  You could probably tell me list of questions you often answer from people interested in your product or service?  Why not answer their questions in a blog, article or just on a page on your site… with a great title of course!  When users search the web they are often looking for more information.  If your site is providing them with it, the search engines will point them to you.
Promote your content with social media.
Great content is worth it’s weight in gold on the web.  It’s fantastic when the search engines are driving people to you because of your content.  But why not give it a helping hand.  If you’ve answered some common questions relating to your industry, tell people and point them in the right direction with a link.  You are ultimately creating more signposts to your business and making your social media accounts more useful to visitors too.
Reach out to your contacts.
Have you got a list of email addresses from your past and current customers?  Email can provide a fantastic return on investment and drive targeted traffic back to your site.  So tell people what’s new in your company, send them offers, find out if they are happy with your service.  Don’t be afraid of them unsubscribing, better to eliminate the people who aren’t interested anyway.